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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Approved by HEVRA to service and repair hybrid and

electric cars.

The HEVRA logo means at one glance you know that here at MK Tuning we do know what we are doing, our technicians are fully trained and qualified,  we have the tools, equipment, data and backup to work on your electric or hybrid car, whether you need an MOT, service, air conditioning, brakes, or other services/repairs. 

Hybrid cars have a traditional combustion engine, but work in conjunction with one or more electric motors and a battery in order to improve the engine's efficiency.

Electric cars offer a further benefit over hybrids- a completely silent drive, and no need to ever visit a petrol station. Most electric car drivers refuel at home, and rapid chargers at motorway service areas and destination chargers in car parks, allow the vehicle to be used for journeys beyond the driving range.

A plug-in hybrid is a combination of the two above concepts- a car that drives like a hybrid, but can also be topped up with electricity- meaning the car can be refuelled with electricity or petrol depending on which is available and convenient.

If you'd like to book your car in for electric car servicing/repair or hybrid car servicing/repair, then please contact us. 

MK Tuning is registered with HEVRA, certificate number GM210802

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