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MK Tuning

Car Repair

As a garage, we do offer a wide variety of services. If you have a query regarding your vehicle, or if you need any guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us, our friendly, dedicated team are here to help.


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Servicing and Repairs:                            For ALL makes and models
                                                                   Interim service prices Vary
                                                                   Full-Service prices vary
                                                                   We also service and repair Hybrids & Electric vehicles
                                                                   Please note we are Hevra approved
                                                                   Please contact us with your registration for an accurate quote                                             

ADAS Calibration:                                     Prices FROM £250.00+
                                                                    We are insurance approved
                                                                    Please contact us for further information 

DPF & EGR Valve Cleaning Service:      ON & OFF vehicle clean FROM £250.00+
Terraclean Service Centre:                     Please contact us for more information/ a quote

Adblue:                                                        If your having issues with Adblue on your vehicle please                                                                                                                   contact us for further information
MOT & Free Re-Test:                                 Price £49 or £45 (SAVE £4) when booking online, via facebook or whatsapp
                                                                     We can MOT a vehicle up to Class 4
                                                                     We can MOT hybrids & electric vehicles
Diagnostic:                                                 Price £65+ per hour

Computerised 4-Wheel Alignment:        Price £60+

DSG Gearbox Service & Repair:             Please contact us for further information

Re-Mapping Services:                              This can either be for performance or fuel economy
                                                                     Please contact us with your registration for a quote
                                                                     30-day money back guarantee

Tyres:                                                          Supplied and Fitted, prices vary
                                                                     Please contact us with your tyre size. Or if your insure call into the garage and will                                                                         we assist you

Air Conditioning:                                          Re-Gas or Repair
                                                                       Please note we do both R134a and R1234Y gas                                                                                                                                     All makes and models including Hybrid and EVs
                                                                       Price dependant upon vehicle capacity
                                                                       Please contact us for further information/quote

Tow Bars:                                                      Supplied and Fitted, prices vary
                                                                       Please contact us with your vehicle registration for a quote

Brake Check/Replacement:                      Prices vary, should your brakes require replacing

Sports & Performance Upgrades:            Please contact us for a quote

Battery & Alternator Testing:                    Please contact us for more information

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Prices are excluding VAT

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