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DON'T ignore DPF Warning Lights!!

The Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) gathers soot from your exhaust. The car should regenerate the DPF and turn the soot to ash whilst your driving. This does not always happen due to various reasons (driving style or mechanical fault) on a vehicle and the DPF can become clogged and require cleaning or replacing. Replacing the DPF is a massive costly bill. But here at MK Tuning our DPF OXYHTECH cleaner machine cleans 100% of the soot and ash content.

Whilst a block DPF is a problem for you, for us its a problem we can fix!

DPF cleans start from £250.00+VAT

We first complete a diagnostic to make sure there are no other engine management issues, the cost of this is £65+ VAT.

We offer on the car clean, depending on the mileage will depend on whether or not the DPF will need removing to be cleaned, anything from 90.000 miles plus, then the DPF will need to be cleaned off the vehicle.

On car clean £250.00+VAT

If the DPF needs to be removed it is £250+ VAT plus labour to remove and refit. Please note labour times differ from vehicle to vehicle.


Terraclean is an advanced and patented engine decarbonising service that is proven to improve engine efficiency leading to restored power and MPG whilst lowering the presence of harmful exhaust emissions.

Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle engine performance with improved driveability. Terraclean is focused on producing superior chemistry, tools, and processes that help maintain the performance of today's vehicles.

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